How it works

Medtel prevents the last minute surprises, delays and cancellations by delivering an intelligent solution that is customized by discipline. Our Medtel Care Team provides ongoing support to your offices and entire team to ensure you and your patients’ needs are met.

Early Detection and Proactive Care Coordination

  • Reliably capture and share case requirements
  • Validate product requests against guidelines
  • Confirm and track tray and implant delivery
  • Trigger hospital/ASC specific protocols or pathways
  • Engage the team with the information they need, when and where they need it
  • Before surgery, connect surgical offices to your hospital or ASCs and proactively prepare and complete critical requirements.

Early Team Collaboration

2 (1)

Office Scheduler
Enters and monitors cases

Sales Rep
Receives notification of upcoming cases and confirms attendance, implants and trays

OR Coordinator
Monitors case confirmations

Care Coordinator
Streamlines the episode of care

Pre-surgical Testing
Manages and tracks clinical documentation between locations

Views compliance rates of savings drivers

Insights & Analytics

Identify Trends
Quickly identify trends and performance as you accomplish your clinical and/or financial goals

Monitor value analysis committee trials, and utilization, and adherence to clinical protocols

Immediately implement new products or protocols as opportunities arise or modifications are required

Sustain compliance to supply chain and best-practice

As objectives are met and healthcare delivery changes; you can take your surgical process to new standards


Why it works

Easy to Implement
Rapid implementation. IT integration is optional but not required. 

Greater ROI
Customers can generate a 10x ROI

Setting Selection
Patients get the right care in the correct setting

Designed to grow as you grow

Ensure adherence to clinical and supply chain guidelines

Automation & Integration
Connect your surgical offices and enable your team with the information they need when they need it

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