Jeanne J. Venella

Meet Medtel’s Chief Nursing Officer

Jeanne J. Venella - Chief Nursing Officer

Jeanne J. Venella, DNP, MS, CEN, CPEN is a doctoral prepared nursing practice expert with extensive experience as an innovative leader in health care combined with current knowledge of day-to-day of operations. She is a clinical authority in emerging healthcare technology, bridging the gap to safe clinical practice and patient safety in a variety of settings.

She will be responsible for key customer relationships, client retention and contributing to strategies that will enhance visibility and expansion of Medtel. In addition, she will establish connections with customers, industry groups and prospects to create a referral network and recommend solutions to maximize the value of Medtel to clinical staff.

Her career includes positions with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Blue Jay Consulting, and Bernoulli Health.

In 2009—she was awarded College Medallion Award, Villanova University Nursing Alumni Award and in 2012 joined the MLFitzpatrick CON as adjunct faculty in the DNP Program.

In July of 2018 Becker Review listed Jeanne and a Top Female health IT leader to know-Acknowledging women who have expertise in various technology areas, including EHRs, analytics, and telemedicine.