Medtel’s Return On Investment

Drive $3M – $50M per year to your bottom-line while increasing patient, surgeon, and staff satisfaction

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Medtel Solution


Less than 1% cancellation rates 

98% implant compliance

99% complete information received from surgical office

37% reduction in administrative burden


20% reduction in surgical cost

16% increase in surgical volumes

40% reduction in readmission rates

120 day implementation

Limited IT disruption

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Depending on your surgical volumes and case mix, Medtel can help drive between $3M – $50M per year to the bottom-line.

Transitioning to value-based care

The transition from fee-for-service to value-based care is one of the greatest challenges healthcare providers face today. To thrive in this new environment, healthcare institutions must increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better outcomes. Medtel’s tech-enabled services can help you do all that — and more.

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